• Business site information/Recruitment of people who wish to open a store

    Hot spring inns/glamping/campgrounds

Our strengths

Our company is No. 1 in the glamping industry.
It's a platformer

Based on our extensive development and opening experience, we will introduce sites to facility operators who are considering opening additional stores or opening new stores.

  • No.1 site in the industry

    A leading company in the glamping industry that operates "Resort Glamping," the No. 1 site for attracting glamping and resort villas.

    Industry No. 1 site image
  • Abundant store opening know-how

    Utilizing store opening know-how that is familiar with the laws and conditions of each area, we will transform the land into a living space.

    Image of abundant store opening know-how
  • Overwhelming track record of store openings

    More than 100 facilities directly managed by group companies, store openings and openings by supported companies

    Overwhelming store opening results image

Recruitment site

Site area: 800 tsubo ~
Possible accommodation site

We are recruiting from a wide range of people, including business owners, real estate companies, and individuals.

  • Idle land/campsite site

    We acquire idle land and former campground land for the purpose of constructing a recreation center, and utilize underutilized company-owned land into glamping facilities.

    Image of idle land/campsite site
  • Land with hot springs

    This also applies to land with hot spring water and access rights to hot springs where hot spring inns, guesthouses, etc. were operated in the past.

    Land image with hot spring
  • rental land

    Facility operation is possible even on leased land that cannot be bought or sold due to inheritance or joint ownership.

    Rental land image

Case study

  • Conversion of unsold villa land

    Buying and selling
    About 1,000 tsubo
    Conversion image of unsold villa land
  • From small-scale hot spring inns to hot spring glamping sites

    Buying and selling
    About 1,000 tsubo
    Image of hot spring glamping site from small-scale hot spring inn
  • Lease contract for former campground site

    About 900 tsubo
    An image of a rental contract for the former campground site

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